Röyksopp gakkai 蘑菇學會

Royksopp Gakkai SS14 01

Röyksopp gakkai 蘑菇學會, is a Hong Kong based one-man studio established in 2013. Not only focusing on fashion design, but also art direction, styling and props making. For “röyksopp gakkai “, “röyksopp” stands for a specific kind of mushrooms in Norsk, while “gakkai” means school club in Japanese. We like the innovative craziness in the collection as well as lovely + quirky photography.

“ My brand design concept is to show the stage of a teenage girl transforming into an adult. During every design process for collections, I use to create a story and pick out keywords, and decide colours and silhouettes afterwards. “

Royksopp Gakkai SS14 03

This is the latest Spring/Summer collection of röyksopp gakkai. Theme named as “Morimonogatari”, the tale in forest. Inspiration for the collection was given by vintage tinted photos of kids and illustrations of mushroom. With an imaginary character, Kinoko, a guardian fairy who protects mushrooms in the wood, starts up a party with all the animals in the forest. Pastel tone with light fabric and transparent organza, brings out the liveliness of Kinoko.”

Royksopp Gakkai SS14 02

Royksopp Gakkai SS14 04

Royksopp Gakkai SS14 05



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