My fashion craving: Zoe Karssen


I’ve met Zoe Karssen a few years ago during a night out with mutual friends. We immediately had a click and started talking about everything that had to do with fashion, art and lifestyle related subjects. From her starting point of making cool and quirky shirts and sweats, till entrepreneurs that inspires her, trips around the world, politics and her crush for cats and tattoo’s like I have myself.


Fall/Winter 2013 collection ‘Enfant Terrible’ € 60, Baseball jacket € 299-,

I truly admire Zoe’s driven passion, and her vision on designing since it’s not easy to start your own business, especially with shirts and sweats only.  But, after the launch in 2010 together with her husband Quince, their clothing line got very successful worldwide, with stores like Bloomingdales (NY), Merci (FR), Net-A-Porter and fans like Kate Moss, Beyoncé and Kristen Stewart.


Fall/Winter 2013 collection ‘Bat’ € 90, Sweater ‘Crème de la Crème’ € 100

Zoe describes her collection as easy to wear, tongue in cheek styles for the cool girls in town. Where simplicity is the key, mixing themes and references from Rock n Roll to fashion, famous icons and quotes and with a distinct emphasis on popular culture their quirky but fun styles have quickly gained a loyal following.


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