Midnight Juggernauts: ‘Systematic’


For cat lovers this video of Midnight Juggernauts “Systematic” is one to watch. French director duo Mrzyk & Moriceau is responsible for this funny video with our furry friends. Keyboardist Vincent Vendetta: “They had an idea to throw dozens of cats around and we were curious to see how they could do that without offending animal cruelty group. My initial reaction to the video was to laugh throughout—and obviously no animals were harmed.”

Have Midnight Juggernauts pets themselves? Of course… Bandmember Dan Stricker has a rabbit and Andy Szekeres has a sausage dog. Vincent: “I have a cat that I think inspired one of the animals in the video; I bought him a mini drum kit, which I make him play when I’m lonely.”

All I want to say is…Enjoy!

Midnight Juggernauts: Systematic on Nowness.com

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