I was thrilled when I entered the headquarters a few months ago to start a freelance assignment (soon to be announced) and to meet this inspiring and young team, working on a very interesting new chapter: their new care line. Starting in 2011 with water Patrick Munsters wanted to expand his imperium since water, sanitation and hygiene are keys for the existence of the brand. The direct link between clean drinking water and hygiene has inspired him to launch Marie-Stella-Maris Care. Besided the beautiful products you donate a fxed amount for clean drinking water projects. The care products consist of botanical organic ingredients like coconut oil, geranium, lavender, rosemary, sweet almond oil and lemon grass. And for everything nature cannot provide they’ve searched for safe and responsible alternatives. Amen! The collection offers 120 products in a broad range of soaps, oils, scrubs and other products for the skin, body and hair for all skin types.

Here are a few of my favorites! Check Marie-Stella-Maris for more information and free shipping!
379 Marie Stella Maris store

Marie Stella Maris store 01

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