Mareunrol’s: “Riga is an inspiring place to live, especially when there are white nights in May and June””.

Mareunrols fall 2013

Winners of the Hyères Festival 2009 Marite Mastina & Rolands Peterkops from fashionlabel ‘Maureunrol’s’, saw themself stepping up into the national stage, taking part in international fashion events and compitations. This led to designing costumes for the leading theatres in Riga, a feature film production and a music video, while also working as stylists for editorial fashion shoots and other projects. Their latest collection AW 2013/2014 is called  ‘FIELDWORK NO. 1′

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AW 2013/2014 is called  ‘FIELDWORK NO. 1′

Can you tell us a bit more about the place you grew up, Riga, how it was like? Did it influence your career choice?
“Riga is a gorgeous city with stunning architecture and beautiful people. Riga did not influence our choice of career, but it is an inspiring place to live in, especially in May and June, when there are white nights. We feel that it is the most inspiring and beautiful time of the whole year not just in Riga, but all Latvia”.

You both studied at the Riga Arts and Design College. How did you both got interested in fashion?
“We both studied Fashion Design at the Riga Arts and Design College and then at the Latvian Academy of Arts and simultaneously started collaborating on various fashion projects, performances, that brought the both of us to realization that it was best to continue working together”.

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Tell us more about designing for theatres. How did this all started and which great shows did you accomplish?
“While studying at the Academy, we were offered various opportunities for designing costumes to theatre plays such as ‘Clockwork Orange’ directed by Regnars Vaivars presenting a unique interpretation of the novel by Stanley Kubrick. The next play was a philosophical minimalism called ‘Knives in Hens’ directed by Gatis Smits. Following the success of it, Gatis invited us to design costumes for his next play inspired by film noir ‘It happened to them’.
It was very interesting working on these productions. We created philosophically profound designs reflecting on the story line, plot and entire set design of the stage. Our job was not to create pompous or over exaggerated theatrical costumes, instead it was more like working for a movie where everything has to be sincere, believable and conceptual. It was a great experience to have working with directors, actors, set designers and other performance based creativs, and the gained experience can be applied to any new projects we do. For example, making our first fashion movie etc”.

One of your collections is called  ‘Private Detective’ and is inspired by film noir. Can you explain?
“We like these movies a lot and seen lot’s of them. The big hair is inspired by Japanese tourist. Underneath the hair you cannot see if one is good or one is bad. All are characthers from the movie like a bankrobber, fingerprint expert, dealer, journalist and more. The stories are translated into uniforms so for the dealer for instance we made a lot of different pockets where he can hide his stuff and kind of leather look and feeling”.


Collection ‘Private Detective’ 2008

How do you start your designing process?
“Normally we’re very inspired by music artists but for this collection it was a bit different. We work with the first idea abd then we create a whole feeling and atmosphere. We look for people like photographers etc that can catch the same feeling. For this collection we worked with for instance two different photographers. One shooted in the snow and it showed really the contradiction. The other one was really crimescene related”.

You were winner of the Hyères Festival of Photography and Fashion 2009. What happened after?
“It was great to win, still is and also very helpfull. We’re not really good at ‘doing’ business but through this event we met some interesting people and made good contacts for the future. We’re now busy for new collection next season”.

Anyone special you would like to work with in the future?
“We are always open to new and challenging collaborations and would definitely like to continue working with groundbreaking artists representing various disciplines like directors, musicians, actors, designers etc. It would be a challenge to work with someone quite distant to the fashion industry and see how to merge the various skills..”

Last movie you’ve seen?
“The most recent movie we saw was a classical piece from the 80’s Latvian cinema “Short Love Guidelines” directed by Ivars Seleckis. This movie and perfect in its style and very inspiring to us. We happened to watch it by a chance on TV and though it’s an old movie, it was finally our opportunity to see the full version”.

Ambitions for the future?
“We’re trying to surprise ourselves and are working on new projects, but one of our main goals is to finally get all the means together to begin the production and merchandise of our designs”.

Most absurd situation you’ve ever been in?
“It’s difficult to say.. One is clear, we have had quite a few of them..:-)”

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Mareunrols fall 2013 01

This interview is taken in 2009 for IloveFake magazine.

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