Maison Minnie Mouse Momu Antwerp


Minnie Mouse (yes, the Disney figure) will be honored with an installation in fashion museum Momu in Antwerp. Six designers, all graduated from Belgian academies, were asked to design a new outfit for the iconic figure.

Minnie became familiar with her characteristic red / white colored outfit which inspired many designers. Now Minju Kim, Damien Fredriksen Ravn, KrJst, Doriane Van Overeem and Emmanualle Lebas gave her a new look.

Minju Kim won the H & M Design Award in 2013, other designers were successful with their graduation collection or their own label. I think Minnie should be blessed with these creations!

Maison Minnie Mouse
3 april – 20 april
Nationalestraat 28
2000 Antwerpen

Minju Kim
Minju Kim

Doriane Van Overeem

Minnie Mouse Doriane Van Overeem

Damien Fredriksen Ravn

Minnie Mouse Damien Fredriksen Ravn

Emmanuelle Lebas

Minnie Mouse Emmanuelle Lebas


Minnie Mouse Kr Jst

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