Iris van Herpen launches ready-to-wear collection

What a great artists and designers we have in Holland. Iris van Herpen for sure is one of them. I met Iris during my work in 2009 for Arnhem Mode Biënnale and was one of the luckiest to wear her design during the opening event. How I love her clothes, perfection, creative ideas and design process. In her studio in Arnhem I got even more impressed when seeing her working.

Haute couture collection 2012

Last week I read the news that she will launch her first ready-to-wear lin. In an interview with WWD Iris said:

“It’s really an extension of the haute couture. It took five years to develop the techniques and materials and do a lot of experiments, and it sort of became my base, my way of thinking. But at the same time, now I feel it’s also nice to take the next step and to translate it into something that is reaching out to more people.”

The first RTW collection, titled Phy-tha-go-rash, was inspired by “Trees of Pythagoras,” a book of paintings based on fractal geometry by Dutch artist Bruno Ernst.

“The focus now is more on patterns than before, because we want this perfect fit. In the haute couture, you’re much more transforming the body. In the ready-to-wear, you’re much more going to try to flow, or to conform to the body, because you want to be comfortable in it all day,” Iris said.

I seriously can’t wait to see her rtw collection. A first sneak peek!

Pictures by Ralph Mecke

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