Interview Laura Laine: “Men are boring..”

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Inspired by fashion illustrations (got a few tattoo’s from illustrators on my body) I interviewed Finnish illustrator Laura Laine for Styletoday. I truly love her drawings and outspoken personalities.

What made you decide to start illustrating?
“My father is a painter and my mother art-therapist so I was always encouraged to draw and paint. As a child I dreamed of being able to draw as a professionial, but for a long time I didn’t know what that job could be. I actually wanted to work as an animator for Disney, but somehow I ended up studying fashion. During those studies I discovered fashion illustration and it felt like the perfect combination of the two things that, at that time, interested me the most: fashion and art. After my graduation I started to work as a full-time illustrator.”

In an interview you mentioned that fashion is extremely inspiring. Can you explain?
“It’s like any other visually inspiring material. I like to use it as a restrictive element in my illustration, sometimes even as a starting point. I find it interesting to have a real-life element in my illustration, and I really like drawing clothes.”


Can you describe your signature? What’s typical Laura.
“I have no idea, I think it’s best not to define yourself too much, otherwise you start to think that’s what you are and it leaves much less room for any change or development.”

You only draw women. Why is that?
“I don’t like drawing men, I think they are more boring to draw.”

Who or what inspires you?
“Different things at different times. At the moment I’m inspired by movies from Kevin Smith and royal portraits by Velázquez and Hans Holbein. My boyfriend is a constant inspiration as well.”

If I could be (person)…for one day I would…
“ to be Italo Calvino when he was still alive. Or his wife. I think he has such an interesting mind.”

Any dream project you would like to do?
“I would like to do something with animation.”

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