H&M sportswear collection


I will honestly say that I’m not a sportive type of person at all….in fact: even a bit more lazy from time to time. But last year one of my best friends triggered me to start bootcamping which I did for several months. Hurray! When it got more rainy and cold I quitted…..not a good thing. Now I have the urge to work on my sport regime again after seeing the new sportswear collection of H&M.

The collection, designed with the expert input from the Swedish Olympic team, showcased some interesting materials, fits and colors.

Running pieces for whatever the weather will be, with a windproof and water repellent running jacket along with all other running needs; athletic quick-dry pieces for workout; loose and comfortable garments for body and mind activities such as yoga, and protective fleece jackets and water-repellent bottoms for those who love the outdoors. Functionality and comfort are key to the design, such as the different support offered by three types of sports bra, while colors run from black, white and greys to hot pink.

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