#FACELESS exhibition by Bogomir Doringer


Many of the faces that appear on the Web are familiar and well-known. We recognize them, associate biographies, scandals, stories with them, and get the impression of gaining an insight into a personality and even witnessing an entire life. But in the end, the physiognomies we encounter only reflect our own personal concept of happiness, recognition, attention, and success.

The exhibition ‘FACELESS’ critically examines problems of our media culture and presents the various approaches taken by the artists selected. After the events of 9/11, images of masked faces of terrorists became very dominant in media.

Faceless Philippe Vogelenzang Majid Karrouch

Artist and curator Bogomir Doringer in an interview with Dazed: “Through my fashion collections I experimented with covering models’ faces in masks or hair, thus attempting to make a statement on ‘overdose of beauty’ and artificiality penetrates contemporary society through media. This suggested a possible return of masks as a solution for covering destabilized identities. While still a student I have been striving to bind together fashion and art – inspired by socio political investigations and masked faces were a perfect solution for this.

FACELESS shows the variety of this subject from very interesting and different perspectives. Musicians as Woodkid and David Bowie are presented, but also designers like Maison Martin Margiela, Jun Takahashi for Undercover, Katsuya Kamo for Junya Watanabe’s Comme des Garçons, public persona like Marina Abramović and Dutch photographers Philippe Vogelenzang, Arie van der Sluis and Frank Schallmaier with his earlier artwork ‘Compare’, where  the evolution of gays on social media photographing their cocks is shown with a product. Truly a must see.

Faceless exhibition 02

Faceless-Exhibition 01

Margiela mask Tyrone Lebon


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