Eau de la Mode: The smell of Fashion


To celebrate 60 years of fashion department on ArtEZ Fashion & Design academie Collectie Arnhem will launch their first perfume: Eau de la Mode. ArtEZ represented legendary designers like Viktor & Rolf, Piet Paris, Claes Iversen, Jan Taminiau and Iris van Herpen.

The unisex perfume,  developed in close cooperation with independent experts and fragrance chemist Tanja Deurloo of ANNINDRIYA,  appears in a series of 60 bottles representing 60 years of fashion.

Eau de la Mode

The development of the fragrance started with questioning more than a hundred graduates: “What is the smell of fashion?”  The answers, from ‘ trial cotton’ and ‘cigarette smoke’, till one morning in Paris ‘ – are the inspiration for the perfume.

Deurloo: ” Eau de la Mode is a unique fragrance that evokes rich associations of a ‘ new beginning ‘ and adrenaline . The odor character is layered and made ​​up of contradictory elements: familiar chords as soft leather, grapefruit and wood, combined with sharp edges as rhubarb, saffron and smoke. ”

Each of the 60 perfume bottles have a unique laser cut ribbon with a year – from 1953 until 2014.

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