David Bailey’s Stardust exhibition


He had every hot celebrity in front of his camera: from topmodels Jerry Hall and Kate Moss , to well-known artists Mick Jagger and Damon Albarn. Now British photographer David Bailey will take over the National Portrait Gallery in London next year. The exhibition is called Bailey’s Stardust and will include more than 250 portraits.

David says the secret of his success isn’t being a dab hand with a camera – it’s because he ‘falls in love’ with each and every one of his subjects.

“I’m a whore, I fall in love with them while they’re with me,’ David told the Telegraph. “Whether they’re a man – I try to keep away from dogs – or a woman. You just have to fall in love with people so they’re at the centre of your universe for that two or three hours or all day you’re with them.”


All photographs are personally selected and printed by the 75-year old Bailey and will illustrate his extraordinary range of subjects, captured throughout his career meeting models, actors, singers, designers and other interesting people.

man-ray-1968-photo-david-baileyJerry Hall by David Bailey

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