Comme des Garçons POCKET shop in Amsterdam

POCKET Paris Debelleyme 2

Finally a Comme des Garçons concept store in Amsterdam, and thank god not in PC Hooftstraat. The Comme des Garçons POCKET shop is a retail concept that began in Tokyo department store corners in 2007. First ones to be opened was in Paris, Montmartre and the Marais.

The shop doesn’t sell the Comme des Garçons’ collections but  the iconic shirts, ranges of wallets, PLAY, Parfum, and other small items. As they pronounce it themselves: “ Like a grocery store, a place for simple affordable purchases – pocket-size items that you don’t have to try on, or think about too much..”

There are now 10 pocket shops in Japan, plus two in Paris and one in each Berlin, Toronto and Melbourne. To be opened on Dec 7th.

Comme des Garçons POCKET
Prinsenstraat 26
1015 DD Amsterdam
Tel +31 20 330 92 98


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