Claes Iversen ‘8 pieces’


I consider Claes Iversen as one of the most talented designers of Holland, and next to that as an inspiring close friend.  He shows an interesting mix between ready-to-wear and haute couture without being a cliché.  His eye for detail goes in the extreme. This, and his craftsmanship plus passion for authentic couture techniques form the success of his collections. This season he will not present at Amsterdam Fashion Week like previous seasons, but instead launches his concept ‘8 pieces’ in which he pays a tribute to couture.

These couture pieces show special embroidery, beads, high-end techniques and craftsmanship at its best. The love for the craft is underlined by the setting of the presentation. Transported in wooden boxes, meticulously packed and labeled with a “handle with care” instruction , the pieces are transported as if they are museum pieces , and then unpacked and cherished.

Just mindblowing…

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