#Beauty trends 2014


It was bold in 2013. Remember the metallic grills from Katy Perry, Rihanna’s blue lipstick or the  celebrity pixie haircuts? Well, 2014 is getting softer. Some trends for 2014 to keep an eye on!

Multitasking products
Women are born multitaskers. Doing are nails during a phone call, making breakfast while checking the latest news online. And your  beautyproducts will have the same multitasking touches. CC cream you name it, the technology and innovation will develop, especially when it comes to color cosmetics. Look for blush that is also a pore-minimizer, eye shadow that’s an anti-aging treatment, nail polish that nourishes, treatment lip glosses, and more. There will be foundations with new hydration delivery systems…you name it!

Hello orange
Last year it was pink, this year it’s orange that will color the spectrum. Not really your cup of tea? Pantone also announced that orchid will be an important one.


Keep it juicy
Juicebars are still popping up on every corner of the street, but what about homemade juices? Buy yourself a good blender, some forgotten fruits and whoop… you’re ready to treat yourself every morning with a healthy shake!

Beautytrend shakes

Yoga still hot? Let’s start dancing! I’m not a yoga fan but love to shake my buttocks one in a while on a good song. Ballet is getting very popular again so hello ‘Black Swan’!

Beauty trend 2014 ballet

Be good to your hair….spoil her once in a while with a good hair masque, cool haircut or healthy cream for split ends. Your hair is here to stay forever, so treat her well!


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