ArtEZ graduation collections


This year 24 graduation students of the ArtEZ fashion department presented their collection in ‘ Building 026’ in the city centre of Arnhem. In the next mont, till the 6th of july, this creative space will be the base of all 350 students that will show their final project in a genuine environment.

The level of the graduation collections was quite high this year and very playful. Still more women then men collections. Wieke Sinnige was one the highlights with her colourful ‘ Soft Squares’ assemblage, inspired by the kaleidoscope and its beautiful created patterns. She was daring in her use of material, prints and colour, very refreshing.

This years fashion masters department was all about black and white. Sonia Aïssaoui was led by the social fragmentation of our society. From the data she collected Sonia show created ten stories with ten unique identity, visualised in texture, handcrafted materials and intimate details like tension and friction. Yiyu Chen found was intriged how animals are taking over the living space of human beings. She created sculptural silhouettes and fur-like retouches of fabric, embroidery and knitwear.

Wieke Sinnige





Yiyu Chen





Courtesy images: Peter Stigter

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