3D-technology in fashion: Brooke Roberts

Brooke-Roberts brain scan

Cardiac radiographer and designer Brooke Roberts has used digital knitting technology to create garments with patterns based on MRI brain scans and medical imagery. These images of brain segments were captured during medical scans with the drawings of Dutch artist MC Escher to create her current collection of women’s knitwear.

Made from merino wool and “sports-tech composite yarns”, the range includes three short dresses as well as skirts and sweaters in a colour palette of greys, mustard and purple – all created using a digital knitting machine. Although she runs her own fashion label, Roberts also works as a radiologist – a job that involves capturing images of the inside of the human body using X-rays and scanning machines, providing her with a continual source of visual stimulation.

The collection is part of her ongoing experiment in combining science, technology and fashion, melding scans with other imagery and fabrics. Each design begins with a medical picture, sourced from friends or through wider research. These are combined with textured textiles and other images to create “hybrid artworks”.

“Mostly I combine the scans with other concepts and that’s what takes them in a new direction,” Roberts told Dezeen. “For example a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) brain scan segment can be isolated and tessellated to look like an image that is mathematical and rhythmic.”

Brooke Roberts collection 02

Brooke Roberts collection 03

Brooke Roberts collection 04


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